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News, commentary and analysis for reproductive and sexual health and justice.

In 2006 we realized that the Internet was dominated by right wing misinformation about highly politicized reproductive and sexual health and justice issues, mostly contraception, abortion, sex education and LGBT issues. We launched RH Reality Check as a small blog with big ambitions to fight back against this political misinformation.

Since then RH Reality Check has grown tremendously. We are the leading source on the web for news, analysis and commentary for reproductive and sexual health and justice issues, both domestic and around the world. We reach hundreds of thousands of people every month with a progressive perspective that honors women, respects all people and trusts science and medicine.

We do all this on a small budget with a very small team and every dollar you contribute today will go straight to hiring more writers and reporters to help us continue to positively impact the national and international debates on these critical issues.

Thank you so very much for your support.

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