Over 225,000 women and children in Southeast Asia are taken, forcibly held, and made to work and do things against their will.

REVO La Sierra is a grassroots movement made up of students and community members at La Sierra University in Riverside, CA. They come together and use their talents in order to raise awareness as well as funds for causes in the surrounding global community.

Last year, REVO La Sierra raised over $24,000 for Gakoni orphanage in Rwanda, where over 75 children needed clean water, better food, mosquito nets, and much more. By simply using what they had, students organized and ran a concert, art show, and fashion show.

This year, REVO La Sierra is joining with International Justice Mission (http://www.ijm.org) to help stop human trafficking in the region of Southeast Asia. IJM consists of lawyers, social workers, and other volunteers, who bring victims out of abusive situations, provide them with aftercare and resources for their future, make perpetrators accountable for their actions, and work with local governments to change laws to prevent future cases of abuse.

With your support, REVO La Sierra along with IJM will be able to provide victims of labor or sex slavery with the tools they need to have a better life.

If you would like to be involved with the actual REVO La Sierra event (May 15 - concert, art show, and fashion show), please email: revolasierra@gmail.com

Visit http://startarevo.org/lasierra for more information.

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