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Will you help us organize hundreds of young people with wealth around the country to support social, economic and racial justice?

Will you help us build strong, well-resourced movements for social change that engage the 99% and the 1%?

Become a member of RG today!

If you are a young person with wealth (18-35) or an alumni of RG, dues are $250+.

If you are anyone else (a parent of an RG member, an older ally, a young activist who believes in economic justice), become an advocate member by giving $25 or more.

Help us build a community, movement and world with a just distribution of resources and enough for all.

How do we work for racial justice?

RG knows that we can't achieve economic justice without racial justice. We are proud to support several member-led giving circles (such as the Diverse City Fund and the Hummingbird Collective) that support organizing in communities of color as well as create programming for people of color (we also use "people of the global majority") and white constituents focused on racial justice.

What is Resource Generation?

Resource Generation organizes young people with financial wealth to leverage resources and privilege for social change.

Since 1998, Resource Generation (RG) has engaged over 1,800 young people with wealth across the U.S. Through community building, education and organizing, we help young people with wealth bring all they have and all they are to the social change movements and issues they care about. We organize to transform philanthropy, policy, and institutions, and leverage our collective power to make lasting structural change.

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