RESOURCE empowers people to achieve greater personal, social and economic success.

Let’s envision a world in which all basic needs are met. Where members of our community will see an end to poverty, homelessness and hunger and will experience freedom from fear. Where we live in a strong, vibrant, multicultural community where personal differences are viewed as strengths and all people have access to education and employment that provides livable wages.

Then envision a future in which people struggling with chemical dependency, unemployment, disabilities and mental illness receive immediate access to comprehensive services. A future in which we are seen for who we are and not our labels or limitations. As a result, we have the tools to thrive, become community assets, and build strong connections with both family and community.

RESOURCE is recognized as a beacon of hope, in which all feel welcomed, appreciated, represented and supported. We partner with our clients to provide one stop access to resources and services customized to meet the unique needs of each individual. We reach out to meet emerging needs and are not restricted by geographical borders. Our community is energized by our work and engaged in providing solutions. Think about a time when you needed help and someone was there for you. RESOURCE is that source of support and encouragement for many in our community hoping to discover their potential and achieve their dreams.

Last year, we helped 17,183 individuals who were working hard to improve their lives:

  • 3,340 laid-off workers and other unemployed or underemployed adults seeking employment
  • 8,351 parents on welfare working toward self-sufficiency
  • 674 “at-risk” youth struggling to survive and thrive
  • 1,057 adults with disabilities or other barriers to employment seeking jobs and training
  • 1,233 individuals grappling with substance abuse problems – most with a history of relapse and many with prison records
  • 2,528 adults with a mental illness living and participating actively in the community

The 24,250 children of those served also benefited indirectly from their parents' success in discovering their potential and achieving their dreams.

Everyone has hopes and dreams for our lives. Who helped you to reach for yours? Honor them by helping someone in our community achieve their dreams.

– We meet you where you are

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