We want to give back to the Pulaski community by helping the Humane Society rescue pets, reunite lost pets & find strays new loving homes!

On Friday, January 25th, 2013, my parents were travelling back home to Tennessee. The roads were very icy and another car on the road was swerving out of control and hit into them, flipping their car twice and landing on the roof. An angel must have been watching over them because they both walked away with minor bruises. Our little dog, Schnitzel, who was on my mom's lap before the accident, ran away out of fear as all the windows had smashed on impact. I started posting on the Lost & Found Dogs - Virginia Facebook page and before I knew it there were hundreds of people offering to help and sending their thoughts and prayers for us to find Schnitzel! With their help, the amazing community of Pulaski and the Pulaski County Humane Society, we finally found him after 3 long and cold days of searching!

This money will go 100% towards the Pulaksi County Humane Society in Virginia to help others get their missing animals back just how we got Schnitzel back! The Humane Society is a nonprofit organization geared at saving lost and stray animals either get back home or to be adopted by a loving family. Please help our cause by donating any amount of money you wish! Every penny helps!

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