Regina Mater partners with families to educate their children in the Catholic and classical academic traditions.

As the new liturgical year begins with the celebration of Advent, our hearts at Regina Mater are turned with thankfulness for the past and anticipation of the Lord’s loving care for the year to come.

Our organization partners with families to educate their children in the Catholic and classical academic traditions. This year we are home to over twenty-five families. Our eighty children are enrolled in courses from age 3 to 18, beginning with our Montessori program for preschool/kindergarten and ending with our classical-core high school.

Regina Mater provides a critical service to families striving to give their children an academically and spiritually rich education. Our half-week of classroom instruction sets the year’s curriculum and guides the home schooling day—but our biggest impact comes through the community of families dedicated to forming the Christian faith in our children. As a community we celebrate feast days, attend mass and Eucharistic adoration, offer up Advent and Lenten sacrifices, and develop our “domestic churches,” the family at prayer.

With the election of Pope Francis much emphasis has been placed on the New Evangelization, the renewal of the Catholic faith in what is a largely post-Christian society. Regina Mater is at the heart of that mission. No simpler, no less profound avenue of evangelization is to instruct our children in a joyful atmosphere of faith.

Yet we all know the many obstacles that threaten this goal. One problem that we wish to mitigate for our families is the financial difficulty of going outside the public system. Tuition for one child per month at Regina Mater is $400. We never turn away families for inability to pay. Whether the family is facing job loss, underemployment, or medical crisis we work to make tuition affordable for all.

This Christmas, would you be willing to help fund these scholarships for families in need? As a 501c3 non-sectarian organization, all donations to Regina Mater are fully tax deductible. We also qualify for matching funds through corporations like Dell, AMD, Freescale, etc.

Even $5 goes a long way in our modest budget. Please send us your prayer requests as well so that we can lift you up as you have lifted us up.

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