Expressing gratitude and declaring RECOVERY MATTERS! Donations fund efforts to help individuals achieve and share the benefits of recovery!

My name is Carol and I'm a person in long term recovery from gambling addiction. On January 31, 1991 I found the help and support I needed to change the course of my life - from the desperation and destruction of my obsession to gamble, to the health, hope and happiness that defines my RECOVERY today!

This hasn't been, nor will it ever be, a solo journey. I owe so much to the many people who shared their experience, strength and hope with me so I could find my own path to recovery.

Why does finding recovery matter to anyone but me? Because my family, friends and community benefit from the way I live my life today - and that's what really matters!

This Penny Jar is a simple and affordable way to declare that RECOVERY MATTERS through your charitable donation to support programs and services that help people experience recovery...from answering their first call for help to giving them opportunities to help others.

Ask yourself, "How many pennies would I be willing to give each day, for even one year, if I knew I could help another person find a path to recovery?"

But don't stop there! Once you've "dropped your pennies into the jar", leave a comment to tell us how you've been positively impacted because someone else is living a life in recovery today.

Together we can help the world see why RECOVERY MATTERS TO EVERYONE!

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