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ReconcilingWorks works for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the Lutheran church and beyond.

ReconcilingWorks' Heart and Home

This week we celebrated the one year anniversary of Minnesotans everywhere standing up for justice and striking down the harmful anti-family amendment to our constitution.

Clearly, thousands of one-to-one faithful conversations held from churches to coffee shops to the capitol changed hearts and minds. ReconcilingWorks continues to seek justice for all families one conversation at a time through active faith-based organizing for marriage equality around the country.

And...the recent Minnesota marriage moment gives us great cause to celebrate close to home. Our very own Regional Director, Anita Hill, signed her Minnesota marriage license in Minneapolis this past Sunday with her partner of 20 years, Janelle Bussert.

This is the moment.

Momentum is certainly ours, and with great successes come greater needs.

Your financial and spiritual support are critical now more than ever.

Please consider making an on-line gift to ReconcilingWorks next Thursday, November 14, during Minnesota's GIVE TO THE MAX DAY.

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1) RIC Expansion: Inviting Rural Congregations to the Welcoming Church Conversation

Minnesota congregations who are not Reconciling in Christ are reacting to marriage equality across the state. In fact, it has caused congregations who have never considered adopting an LGBT affirming welcoming statement, begin the first steps of a welcoming church process.

Our Building an Inclusive Church workshops (pictured above) are at the center of inviting rural Minnesota congregations to the welcoming church conversation.

2) More than Marriage: Ministering to Same Gender Couples and Their Families

With the recent resolution by the ELCA Churchwide Assembly calling for conversation about how to better minister to same gender couples and their families, ReconcilingWorks understands that our role will to walk alongside congregations as they expand their welcome.

We are also on the ground in Oregon mobilizing faith communities to change hearts and minds using some of the same strategies we used to defeat the anti-family ammendment in Minnesota.

3) Breaking the Cycle of Bullying: Training Congregations to be Allies

We were disappointed when lawmakers in the Minnesota Senate opposed to the Safe & Supportive Schools Act killed the bill the threat of filibuster last Spring. Minnesota currently has one of the weakest anti-bullying laws in the country – just 37 words. If passed, the Safe & Supportive Schools Act will provide our state with one of the most effective.

With our work training congregations to be Allies Against Bullying, ReconcilingWorks is committed to making this bill a reality, changing the culture by changing the church first.

ReconcilingWorks is faciliating an Allies Against Bullying workshop with the Twin Cities area synods' womens organizations Saturday November 16.

4) Global Advocacy and Accompaniment: Lutherans at the Front Lines of Human Rights

ReconcilingWorks is building coalition with seven other church-based LGBT advocacy groups at the World Council of Churches (WCC) assembly being held in Busan, South Korea. ReconcilingWorks staff member Tim Fisher, is representing our organization at the WCC this week.

ReconcilingWorks is developing and piloting a global strategy of organizing partnerships with faith-based advocacy groups, ELCA ministries, relief agencies, and LGBT and allied faith leaders in selected regions across the globe to end oppression of LGBT people worldwide.

Every gift made on November 14 helps us meet our $5000 goal and raises our chances of winning a $1,000 Golden Ticket! By partnering with GiveMN.org, ReconcilingWorks will have 25 chances to maximize your gift on Give to the Max Day!

In gratitude,

Emily Eastwood
Executive Director

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