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A Dream in Every Heart and A Diploma in Every Hand

Reach Potential Movement

Helping youth and families reach their highest potential by inspiring them to read, dream and become tomorrow's leaders through our:

  • Dream-4-College Programs - Almost 500 youth have experienced college for a day at Stanford through our Dream-4-College project which inspires first generation to college youth to pursue a college prep academic path.
  • Tutoring Programs – Helping kids thrive by relationally connecting tutors with students at Gateway Neighborhood Center Mon - Thurs afternoons.
  • Literacy Programs– Providing over 10,000 books to 800 kids through our Bookshelf in Every Home Projects is important, but the key to the success of our projects is equipping immigrant parents to creature a culture of reading within their homes through our parent education workshops.
  • Programs at Gateway Neighborhood Center– Building community while building bodies, minds, and spirits.

Stay tuned to find out how you can be part of our 2014 Dream-4-College fundraiser in conjunction with Silicon Valley Gives!

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