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A Dream in Every Heart and a Diploma in Every Hand

Reach Potential Movement

Helping youth and families reach their highest potential by inspiring them to read, dream and become tomorrow's leaders.

Silicon Valley Gives

Silicon Valley Gives is a day of giving sponsored by Silicon Valley Community Foundation, aimed at inspiring and uniting our local community to support philanthropic causes. As a supporter of Reach Potential this gives you the opportunity to have your donation matched dollar-for-dollar (or even 2:1) by making your donation on May 6th, 2014. You can use this opportunity to support Dream4College or any other Reach Potential Program. If you would like to support us through the Silicon Valley Gives effort then please give during one of the following times on May 6th:

  • Midnight-1am: Superstar, 2:1 match for your donation!
  • 7-8am: Early Riser, Match available
  • 12-1pm: Lunch Breaker, Match available
  • 5:00pm: Mr/Miss Punctual, Possible $1000 bonus!
  • 6-7pm: Who needs dinner? Match available
  • 7-8pm: Skipping dessert, Match available

Send us an email to signup for a reminder on May 6th so you won't miss this special window for leveraging your gift.

Most of all; thanks in advance!

About Us

We inspire through a number of programs. You can find more details on our website about our programs:

  • Dream4College Programs – We enable 400 fourth and fifth graders each Spring to experience college for a day at Stanford, career exploration activities in class, and a parent workshop through our Dream4College project which inspires first-generation-to-college kids to embark on a path to college.
  • Tutoring Programs – Helping kids thrive by relationally connecting tutors with students at Gateway Neighborhood Center Mon - Thurs afternoons.
  • Literacy Programs – We have provided over 30,000 books and over 3,000 bookshelves to thousands of under-resourced Kindergarten families through our Bookshelf in Every Home Program. The key to the success of our projects is equipping immigrant parents to create a culture of reading within their homes through our parent education workshops.
  • Programs at Gateway Neighborhood Center – Building community while building bodies, minds, and spirits.
  • Parent Project - Reaches out to families with difficult or out-of-control teen children to help them get back on a healthy path.

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