Ranch Hope, Inc. is a leader in fostering environments that transform lives empowered through Christ-centered love and compassion.

Ranch Hope is a community of people who are focused on providing hope, a word we define as an "Expectation of Success!" Through consistency, integrity, love and respect, building life-long relationships to help children in their journeys toward adulthood.

The Ranch Hope Community of Services provides ALL of these for children, ALL from a strength-based focus, by team members supporting YOU. The OUTCOME? Consistency! Safety! Success!

Ranch Hope's Alloway Campus (Salem County, New Jersey) has been a therapeutic community serving children since 1964! This beautiful 120 acre "ranch" provides short-term (30 days) shelter, and long term (12 month) residential treatment homes for children (ages 12 - 16). The Alloway Campus includes a private Alternative School, therapeutic recreation facilities, swimming pool, wellness center and equestrian programming.

Victory House is a therapeutic home for girls (14 - 17) in Monroe Township (Gloucester County, New Jersey).

Camp Edge is Ranch Hope's "wild side" providing adventure-based programs which take you out of your comfort zone building team-building, confidence, trust on one of New Jersey's beautiful lake-front sites!

Ranch Hope is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1964 by Rev. Dave Bailey and his wife, Eileen.

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