2011 Fundraising for badly needed shelter expansion in Northern Virginia. Bethany House of Northern Virginia Raise the Roof! Campaign.

Domestic Violence hurts everyone. We can all contribute to providing an expanded (and needed) home of safety and love to women who are in violent relationships.

When you get to meet one of these women, and get to meet their children, you will get filled up with inspiration. (I did.)

They have the power to better their lives and the lives of their children. They just need our help. Donate money to someone who needs it, someone you do not know, someone who may never thank you in person, and someone who God loves.

How much will it hurt you to donate $25 to this purpose? ... Helping battered women change their lives.

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    Partner with us to eliminate domestic violence one family at a time and watch lives fill with hope and be transformed by God.
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