I have agreed to be "kenneled" at Minneapolis' Animal Shelter. Please help GET ME OUT by making a pledge today!

Minneapolis Animal Care & Control will care for over 4,000 animals this year.

Their mission is to work with residents to create safe and healthy communities for animals and people. MACC offers free veterinary care for stray animals, works to find adoptive homes for pets, offers no-cost kenneling for victims of domestic abuse, and investigates animal cruelty cases.

We just put our 13 year old family pouch Neko down due to illness. I hope you can help other pets find a "forever" home with as much love. Please support our cause!

I am helping to raise money for Animal Care -- new leashes so the volunteers can take the dogs for walks, enrichment toys (Kongs), fleece to make cat blankets for the cages, and much more. Please help if you are able!

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