“Its for the Kids” Go to http://www.stachemaster.com to be entertained and informed

The time has come to seize the opportunity to achieve a level of greatness - and handsomeness - for which all men strive, yet few attain. It's time to harken back to a time when men were men dammit, and to NOT have a mustache was simply shameful. And if the pure joy of blessing one's face with one is not sufficient, there's an even better reason to donate: We're doing it for the kids: “Boys’ Club of New York.

”The Boys’ Club of New York is a 133-year old not-for-profit institution that serves over 4,400 boys in the New York area each year. Within the Boys’ Club, the ISP program is a great example of some of the work being done. The program identifies and develops qualified young boys throughout their early academic careers by providing educational and extracurricular support and eventually assisting them in gaining entry into some of the top independent and boarding schools in the nation. Through this program the Boys’ Club has worked with over 1,600 young men to help them gain access to top-level education and have achieved a college placement rate of 100%.

In supporting Mustache May, by attending our party, sponsoring a participant, or actually participating in one of the great and timeless rituals of manhood, you are supporting a great cause and directly helping future generations of ‘stache-growers in NY: The Boys Club of New York.

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