A free catch-up course for 3rd and 4th graders who haven't learned to read. Esperanza works with schools and parents to keep kids in school.

Since 2006, 200+ volunteers have helped local kids with their homework at FMG’s library/community center.

But too often we realized the kids couldn’t read their homework assignments - much less their textbooks. Individual efforts taught a few kids to read, but the demand was overwhelming.

So we were thrilled when a generous donation allowed us to create Proyecto Esperanza: a professional educator now teaches reading to 30 children in each 3-month session.

Proyecto Esperanza kicked off in the fall of 2011, when we hired our ‘Profe’: Milenia de la Rosa, a passionate local teacher specialized in both education and family psychology. She not only teaches reading but also works with the school psychologists and parents to help identify and resolve deeper problems.

Students attend classes for an hour and a half, 4 days a week for 3 months in the basic program. Paid local helpers and volunteers provide individual support during and after the course, through games and reading sessions.

The pilot course graduated 12 young readers, and over 50 more earned their certificates in 2012.

The progam is expanding, and for the spring 2013 session we were able to hire two young women from the community to assist Milenia, while helping themselves to finish their schooling.

Keep up with our progress on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/FMGProyectoEsperanza

Your gift to Proyecto Esperanza will put a gleam of hope in the life of children in the Domincan Republic, that sparkle we have seen so many times when a child realizes that s/he is looking at a word or phrase, and knows what it says !

Fundacion Mahatma Gandhi has been working toward literacy and many other community development goals in Las Terrenas since 2006. It operates the 7000 volume, lending library Biblioteca Anacaona, and was able to renew its reading classes with the creation of Proyecto Esperanza in 2011, through a generous grant.
Read more about FMG's other projects and history here: http://fundacionmahatmagandhi.com/about.html

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