The Project F-M -- making space for 20/30-somethings to love God and neighbor by cultivating an open-minded, curious faith.

Our Context, Our Vision

Things aren’t the same as they used to be. Fargo-Moorhead remains a vital community boasting a vibrant economy, several institutions of higher learning, and growing diversity. But some—even many—young adults are falling through the cracks.

These days young adults marry later, are employed less consistently, are less likely to own their own home, carry more student loans, have fewer children, move more often, and are less likely to attend church than previous generations. While established congregations in Fargo-Moorhead do well to seek relationships with these 20/30-somethings, some young adults just aren’t up for connecting with a traditional congregation.

If you worked or saw a concert until 2 a.m. Sunday, waking up for a morning worship service seems, well, rather unlikely.

The Project F-M believes it is the whole church’s mission to find ways to connect with emerging adults even if that means we must do ministry in new ways. We invite you to pray for us, walk with us, and help us discover what God is doing in our midst.

What we provide for 20/30-somethings

  • Theology Pub
  • "Where's The Faith" book club
  • "Sounds Sacred (to me)"
  • Service Opportunities
  • Interest discussion groups
  • Pastoral care
  • Special events

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