With donations and hard work from volunteers the Carole Guillory Adoption Center can increase Project Purr’s capacity to save lives.

The Carole Guillory Adoption Center

Carole Guillory, one founder of Project Purr BR, passed away on November 20, 2012 from breast cancer. She dreamed of having an Adoption Center where rescued cats could have a cage-free living space awaiting their forever homes. Although there are substantial costs with opening and keeping an adoption center, the rewards are priceless. Cage-free sheltering means more space for potential adopters to interact with the cats and a permanent place for Project Purr to continually host adoptions. With an Adoption Center fostered pets can enjoy less travel time to and from adoption events. In all cases, this alleviates the constant travel from foster homes which can place stress on pets, and gives the volunteers a permanent location to better focus on the needs of the many rescued cats and kittens.

The cost to convert a pre-existing building into the Adoption Center that Carole Guillory dreamed of is approximately $10,000. These expenses are centered on creating a suitable environment to shelter pets, an efficient space to hold adoptions, and office space for a volunteer’s headquarters. With donations from the community and plenty of hard work from volunteers the Carole Guillory Center can increase Project Purr BR’s capacity to shelter pets and lower the kill rate of cats in public shelters around Baton Rouge.

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    Project Purr BR exists to save as many of the cats and kittens at our city's pound as possible.
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