Changing the Lives of Older Orphans-ONE child at a time!

Around the world, there are an overwhelming 143 million children in orphanages and foster care waiting for the love of a forever family.

Unfortunately, many of the children are older than six years old, and with each passing year, they are less likely to be adopted. Thus, they will eventually “age out” of the system and never experience the life giving, life changing love that family provides.

It is our belief that there are millions of families around the world who would welcome these children into their homes if given the opportunity. Further limiting the opportunities for older orphans, many families are not able to pursue adoption because of financial limitations or lack of know how.

Together we can change that!

Project One Forty Three asks you to help us shine a light on these kids, to give them names, make them real and help change their lives forever. We can break down the barriers for these older children and Create Miracles...ONE child at a time!

It costs $2500 to sponsor ONE child. Each donation, small and large, brings us closer to saving ONE!

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