In January 2013 we are sending a team to the upcountry of Liberia to drill life-changing clean water wells for the people there.

In March of 2012, I joined a team headed to the "upcountry" of Liberia that was providing ministry needs to remote villages in the jungles of Grand Bassa.

While there, I saw many villages that were not accessible by roads and consequently lacked many everyday resources like clean water and bathrooms. Their hygiene practices were poor and the sole source for their water was a contaminated hand-dug well that contained human and animal waste, detergents, and a number of harmful parasites/bacteria.

The leading cause for diseases like Typhoid, Hep A, Cholera, and Diarrhea is a contaminated water source. Due to the lack of medical facilities and available medicine in Liberia, these diseases are often fatal. Even in the cases where people recover, they return to the same situation and become re-infected.

After months of planning with a local contact in Liberia, we have found a drilling method that does not require significant mechanical parts and can be taught to those who live there so they can continue drilling for fresh water even after we are gone.

We are going to spend two weeks drilling and training the Liberian nationals to drill and maintain productive wells for drinking water. We are also going to teach them to make soap for hygiene and for resale in their local economy as a source of income to the villages.

The cost to do this is $30,000. This includes fielding our team of 10, purchasing and transporting the drilling equipment, providing supplies to establish over 8 wells, and creating local soap making capability for the Liberian villagers. The team will be in Liberia for the last two weeks of January 2013. Please help support the effort. To the right are some suggested amounts and an explanation of what that amount could provide to the team. All gifts not specifically dedicated to a team member will support the entire effort. So, if you want to give $50 but don't really feel exctied about buying soap supplies...don't worry. Your gift will be placed into the overall effort!

To give a gift to support a specific member of the team: use the "Dedicate my donation" block to include the name of the person you are supporting. Also -- tell them you gave so that they can be encouraged!

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