Powering the Future through Open Minds

Fundraise and install a windmill as a source of alternative energy on the campus of DeWitt High School:

The involvement of students in this initiative will provide cutting edge learning opportunities before, during, and after the successful completion of the project. The 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, networking, creativity, science, technology, engineering, mathematics are vital for success in the workplaces of the future. Students will have opportunities to:

  • market the project throughout the DeWitt area and beyond via traditional and digital forms of media
  • assist in fundraising efforts by researching and contacting appropriate sources of potential funding such as local businesses, universities and colleges, foundations, local, state, and federal governments, DHS alumni, DeWitt area residents, etc.
  • research relevant topics in alternative energy, specifically wind power and other forms of green technology and their role in conserving natural resources
  • participate in the installation of the windmill
  • collaborate with other community members to work on and complete an innovative project
  • be required to work on and complete on-going core curricular lessons organized by the DHS science and mathematics departments

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