The Progressive, Inc. is home to The Progressive magazine, one of the nation's most respected defenders of free speech and civil liberties.

The Progressive provides one of the clearest voices in independent media for principled social justice values and responsible public policies: from opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to insightful analysis of domestic issues concerning health care, the economy, immigration, education, racial justice, corrections, the environment, and much more.

Since its first publication in 1909, The Progressive has served as a platform for voices of dissent and progressive social and political values. Over the past century the magazine has challenged excessive executive power, opposed illegal U.S. interventions and occupations, advocated for freedom of the press, defended human rights and civil liberties, demanded corporate accountability, and has championed a wide range of social justice issues.

In 2012, The Progressive serves as a primary go-to news source for the Wisconsin Fight-Back, which emerged from citizen reaction to the Wisconsin governor and Republican-led assembly’s overreach in banning collective bargaining for public employees. The Progressive, Inc. dedicates time, resources, and energy ensuring there is insightful and thorough coverage available, as the nation scrutinizes events in Wisconsin.

Magazine editors, featured guest writers, columnists and other contributors provide reasoned, insightful and well-researched issue analysis, interviews, and investigative reports, in addition to book reviews, culture, poetry and humor. Some of The Progressive’s regular writers in 2011 included: Terry Tempest Williams, Dave Zirin, Kate Clinton, Jim Hightower, Will Durst, Barbara Ehrenriech, and bloggers Rebecca Kemble and Mark Pocan. Guest writers in 2011 included:

Bill Moyers, Dennis Kucinich, Wendell Berry, Kari Lydersen, Sen. Bernie Sanders, John Nichols, Steve Early, Susan Eisenberg, David Barsamian, Jacqueline White, Michael Feldman, Anne-Marie Cusac, Ellen Bravo, Bill McKibben, and many more.

Feature articles and topics in 2011 included:

January: “Saving the Earth,” a double issue, with feature articles by Barbara Kingsolver, Bill McKibben, Wendell Berry, and others.

February: “The Rule of the Rich” – Bill Moyer

March: “The Truth About Paul Ryan” – Roger Bybee

April: “The New Assault on Abortion Rights” – Jessica Valenti; “My Life on Death Row” – Wilbert Rideau;“Suspension Trap” – Anna Louie Sussman

May: “The Republican War on Education” -- Ruth Conniff

June: “Labor’s Rebirth in Wisonsin -- Ruth Conniff and Matthew Rothschild

July: “The Wisconsin Model” – John Nichols

August: “Obama and Black America” – Kevin Alexander Gray

September: “Walker Rolls Back Civil Rights” – Rebecca Kemble

October: “Inside the ALEC Dating Service” – Mark Pocan

November: “Defending the Commons” – Anne-Marie Cusac and Antonino D’Ambrosio

December: “The Global Uprising,” a double issue with articles from Anjali Kamat, Uri Avnery, Luis Rodriguez, and many others.

Many underreported issues were given exposure in 2011, including: Luis Rodriguez on the complexity of life without parole, Kirk Nielsen on Chiquita’s complicity in Columbian war crimes, Susan Eisenberg on the difficulties of being a woman labor activist in the building trades, Jacqueline White on transgender social acceptance, Ruth Conniff on the Republican war on education and gutting of public schools, Angela Garcia on the suffering caused by delayed health insurance reform, as well as a wide range of economic, social, political, and cultural topics.

Some of the fascinating interviews included: author Margaret Atwood, eco-feminist Vandana Shiva, Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi, creator of The Wire and Treme David Simon, humorist David Sedaris, Democracy Now’s Middle East correspondent, Sharif Abdel Kouddous, popular corporate pranksters “The Yes Men,” award-winning journalist Chris Hedges, Oscar-winning filmmaker Charles Ferguson, musician and activist Steve Earle, co-founder of Code Pink Jodi Evans, among others.

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The Progressive, Inc. is home to The Progressive magazine, one of the nation's most respected defenders of free speech and civil liberties.

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