Providing integrated and comprehensive services for chemically dependent adults for 40 years.


Progress Valley provides a continuum of recovery support services, which encourages and guides individuals to lead responsible, fulfilling, chemical-free lives.


At Progress Valley, our goal is to provide a welcoming, supportive and structured sober environment where clients can learn and heal from the chaos created by chemical abuse. We believe the process of recovery begins with personal accountability and responsibility to others, and is fostered through the unique and individualized programs we offer.

Progress Valley, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that has been providing chemical health services for men and women for 40 years. Our philosophy is that personal responsibility is integral to recovery and the path to establishing a life-long foundation of positive self-esteem and human dignity. The moving force behind Progress Valley is to help people help themselves. We strive to create opportunities for personal growth characterized by clients' willingness to assume responsibility for their financial, social, physical and emotional behavior.

Our gender specific programs/facilities provide a continuum of services including:

  • Chemical Health Assessments
  • Inpatient Treatment (residential)
  • Transitional Treatment (residential)
  • Outpatient Treatment (non-residential)
  • Sober Housing
  • Treatment of co-occurring disorders

Therapy, employment, individualized programming, ongoing counseling, small group sessions, strengthened commitment and new skills all come together in our commitment to rebuild the community one life at a time.

"With Progress Valley's help I learned to build a foundation to help me stay sober, to have healthy relationships, to be a better mom and to live life satisfied with who I am. It took me 47 years to get here, but I'm now proud to be me!"

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