Prairie Creek Community School is a public charter school committed to a progressive, child-centered mission in a beautiful rural setting.

We continue to fulfill the dream of our founders to foster a joy of learning in our children. Today Prairie Creek is full of 180 happy children. Our graduates speak of feeling sad at the weekends because they could not go to school. Since 1984 children have played happily and creatively in the "forest" that surrounds our playground, bartering for "goldens" and pine cones. In classrooms the same joy is evident as children explore math, science, art and creative writing. Our mission to be a learning community is also shown by our teachers who pursue their own professional development enthusiastically. Parents continue to volunteer in classrooms and throughout the school and serve on the Board of Governors. Our graduates are successful in colleges throughout the USA and still feel a fondness for their elementary school. Prairie Creek is making a difference in the world. Your gift helps us to further our mission and strengthen our programs. Thank you for your generosity.

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