Please help us bring Tanya's brothers to be hosted with Journey of Hope. They are close siblings and need to be adopted together.

The above 3 children need an adoptive family in the United States. We are hosting them, with the intent to help them find their forever family; and are prayerfully considering if that family is us. If not, we are 100% committed to finding them a family.

We are a loving family of three (Jason, Lisa, and our 7 year old, Jack) who longs to expand our family. We have wanted to adopt for many years. Our heart is for the orphans. We started trying to adopt in 2006 after Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29. We spent 2 years waiting in a Domestic Infant Adoption program; at which point Lisa was diagnosed with a second cancer, a malignant brain tumor. We have trusted in the Lord for healing according to the promises in His Word. Lisa is doing very well at this time. We are trusting in the Lord to restore to us the years the locusts have eaten. (Joel 2:25). We are also trusting in His promises to return to us sevenfold what we have lost according to Psalm 79:12. Our ultimate desire is to bring God all of the Glory through our lives. We want to shower these precious siblings with love and are waiting on the Lord to guide us through this Journey of Hope! All funds given are tax-deductible. (For your information, Tanya's hosting fees have already been paid due to a medical condtion which will be addressed while she is here.)

It is our hope that our family will bring glory to God by His amazing faithfulness in our lives, and that these precious children will find their forever family while we host them for 3 weeks. It is much more difficult for older children to be adopted, as most parents are seeking infants and toddlers.

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