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Thanks for helping to complete Po-Chi's adoption!

Thanks to the generous donations of many - we have reached our goal and fully funded the grant that will help bring Po-Chi home.

Any additional gifts made through this page will be used to help complete the adoption of another vulnerable child.

About Po-Chi

Po-Chi is a little 6-year-old boy born with Down Syndrome who lives in an orphanage in Taiwan.

He spent the early months of his life in the care of his birthmother. She named him Po-Chi (Po meaning "to win" and Chi meaning "ambition").

Though they lived in impoverished conditions, they were together until at the age of 20 months when Po-Chi was diagnosed with Acute Myloid Leukemia and had to be admitted to the hospital for treatments.

At the time Po-Chi was admitted to the hospital his birthmother felt she could no longer care for him, leaving him to stay at the hospital on his own. His treatments lasted for three months and his hospital stay extended for an additional three months until a suitable foster family was found for him.

Unfortunately, this foster family, after a number of months was unable to care for Po-Chi, causing him to be moved in and out of four other foster homes and orphanages until March of 2011 when he was placed in the orphanage in which he currently resides.

The family that Gift of Adoption is helping to adopt Po-Chi tells us the happy news that the caretakers at this orphanage are very fond of him.

The caretakers say that Po-Chi has adapted well and attempts to initiate talking to or playing with teachers or peers. He actively offers his hand for other children or acts like a little helper for teachers. He loves schooling and even carrying his book bag at home for fun. He always observes other children eating breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, and packing their book bags for school - and wants to do the same. When a caregiver tells him that he might be late for school he stops dallying and finds a way to get ready quickly! Like most 6-year-olds, he likes blowing bubbles, riding the bus and watching cartoons on T.V.

His adoptive parents share: "We look forward to the days when Po-Chi won't have to wake up in a strange place or be alone. He will have a mom and a dad and five brothers and sisters who will give him lots of attention, hugs, kisses and love. He will have advanced medical care, access to organizations like Special Olympics and an education that would never have been possible for him otherwise. The last report we have is that he weighed about 23 pounds. He is a tiny boy who needs a stable family to love him. Thank you to Gift of Adoption for making this possible" The family hopes to bring Po-Chi home before the end of January.

At a recent event, leadership volunteer, Jeff Krygiel, spoke about what children need most. Earlier that day his 4-year-old daughter had been rushed to the hospital due to seizures caused by an elevated temperature. At the Gift of Adoption event that evening, he relayed:

"I left work immediately, arrived at the hospital 30 minutes later, walked into a room full of busy nurses and beeping monitors, and found my daughter hooked up to every machine imaginable. Yet in the midst of all the noise and commotion, my daughter was fast asleep, resting peacefully in my wife's arms.

My daughter had what she needed most - the medicine and her mom.

I am involved in Gift of Adoption because if I can be a part of something that gives those two things to even just one child in need, then that's a cause that's worthy of my time."

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