Support our Year End Campaign. Make it a Year of Action for Canfei Nesharim and the Jewish Community in 2013!

Canfei Nesharim’s efforts to educate the Jewish community to protect the environment center around planting and building.

Like many environmental organizations, we encourage environmental actions and knowledge - building. But we also focus on planting: deep Torah knowledge about our relationship to the world. We do this through Torah teachings and the synagogue programs, curriculum resources, eco-reminders, leadership trainings that support them.

With more than 300 change agents engaging their communities worldwide, Canfei Nesharim is revealing and sharing the deep values that underpin our commitment to protecting the world, and building the actions that can make these values real.

We need your help to continue our planting and building. Can you help us by building with a donation of $36, 54, or 100, or by planting with an ongoing monthly or annual commitment to support our work?

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