When you participate in the Adopt a Sloth program, your money buys food and protection. Two kilos each of beans, rice, coffee, sugar, flour, soap, milk, and eggs are given in exchange for a sloth or monkey that was scheduled to be skinned and grilled. Your participation discourages hunting of these endangered species. Your participation gives these animals value. No matter where you find yourself, in what culture or part of the world, things that are valued are cared for, not slaughtered.

Unlike the Amazon Rain Forest, the Atlantic Rain Forest is mountainous so you can see the extent of deforestation without being air born. 95% of the Atlantic Rain Forest, Mata Atlantica, is gone. The Amazon Institute is the only organization protecting the remaining 5% through environmental education and reforestation. Think about the significant and direct contribution you can make by planting a tree in your name, as a named gift or to pay homage.

Thank you for adopting a tree and rebuilding a rain forest.

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