The Amazon Institute is working diligently to preserve endangered species and battle deforestation in South America.

The natural world, in all its splendor and grace, is in critical condition due to species extinction and endangerment and the destruction of natural habitat through deforestation.

However, it does NOT have to be this way.

Becoming aware of these problems is the first step to fixing them.

The 3-toed Sloth is a very interesting animal with a number of unique adaptations for survival. For example, its fur has formed a beautiful symbiotic relationship with cyanobacteria(algae), making the actual fur of the sloth an independent ecosystem. Because the algae is green it makes the sloths fur appear green and brown, helping the animal to better blend in with its arboreal surroundings. Equally as unique as the sloths fur are its teeth. The teeth of the sloth grow continuously, throughout its 40 to 50 year life.

Sloths are also very adequate swimmers, despite their predominately tree-branch existence.

As you can see, there is much for us to learn from this amazing creature, but if we are not diligently protecting it from the threat of human hands we could miss out on a lot of valuable knowledge and experience.

We encourage everyone to take notice of the challenges presented to this creature and its habitat, and to take responsibility for the world we share with so many different creatures, like the 3-toed Sloth. No matter how small or quiet, every plant and animal plays a crucial role in all of our lives, just as we do in theirs. Many people neglect the impact we have on our plant and the creatures that inhabit it and that is why foundations like The Amazon Institute exist.

By helping us to realize how drastically we can change things for the better and by providing us with the tools to do so, we can swiftly, make it happen.

We believe that having the ability to make a change means having the responsibility to make a change. Why not make it a good change? Visit The Amazon Institute and do your part.
Adopt a 3-toed Sloth or Plant a Tree, or BOTH!

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