Helping students at Pitt Law pursue public interest work that provides valuable assistance to the underrepresented segments of our society.

The Pitt Legal Income Sharing Foundation (PLISF) has endeavored for more than two decades to encourage students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law to support public interest law. By raising money throughout the year and awarding grants to law students at the University of Pittsburgh who take on public interest summer employment, PLISF provides students with opportunities they are often otherwise financially deterred from pursuing.
As a result of PLISF’s efforts throughout the 2008-2009 academic year, PLISF was able to distribute over $30,000 in grants to 15 students undertaking public interest employment in the summer of 2009. The Annual Spring Auction is PLISF’s primary fundraising event. In reaching out to the Pittsburgh community, PLISF secures donations from area businesses, law firms, and individuals. This community support provides the majority of the items sold during the auction, as well as monetary donations that directly fund grants.
Having established a solid foundation for promoting public interest at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, PLISF has undertaken a new challenge. In the 2008-2009 academic year, the Pitt Law administration and PLISF took the first steps toward creating a much needed Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) to aid graduates who pursue careers in public interest law in repaying student loans. By working to fund this new LRAP, PLISF will make it possible for those who have a passion for public interest work to pursue careers that are both fulfilling and that benefit the community.
PLISF Grant Recipients have worked at local, national, and international organizations including:

Allegheny County District Attorney
Bayer Center for NonProfit Management
Community Justice Project
Cook County Public Guardian
Environmental Council
Forum for Women, Law, and Development, Nepal
Lawyers for Democracy, Serbia
Maine Dept. of Environmental Protection
National League of Cities
United Sikhs
US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development
US Dept. of Interior
US Dept. of Justice
Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh
Women's Law Project
World Organization for Human Rights

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