Here at the end of the year Common Heart needs to raise $7200 to replace grant money that was lost this past June.

Common Cupboard is a local community based food pantry. We provide a weeks worth of groceries to families that are in crisis. Many times a family has to decide whether to pay the rent, heat, electric or buy groceries. We provide a bit of relief for them, making life a little more bearable.

I really need you to help me "Pinch the Grinch." With the economy the way it has been there are so many people who need groceries and Common Cupboard is there for them. My goal is to raise $2000 only then will I consider my job done - The Grinch will be pinched!!!

In the "Pinch the Grinch" campaign, Common Heart is looking to raise $7200. This will replace grant money lost in June. $7200 will provide 514 weeks of groceries for individuals and families that we serve! It was a major loss to Common Heart. But now we have the chance to "Pinch the Grinch."

Will you help me "Pinch the Grinch!" Thanks, every dollar will help.

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