We are raising funds to provide education for the 21 boys living in the HALO-Makarere orphanage home, in Kampala Uganda

On April 8th, our youth group is doing a fundraiser called "Dance for Change." We'll dance from 7-Midnight, with a goal of raising $6,250. This money will provide a full year of education for 21 boys living in the HALO-Makarere home in Kampala, Uganda. These boys have been fortunate enough to get out of the terrible homeless life in Uganda, and into this home. This organization provides housing, food, education, and other basic necessities, and gives these children a chance at becoming educated, and making a better life for themselves and their community. When you break down the money we are trying to earn, it comes out to be $25 for 1 month of school for 1 boy. Compared to the cost of Simsbury Public School District, which costs around $25 for a child to be in school for 48 minutes (or one class period).

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