Every cent raised by Team Kili 2012 will support the work of Amani Children's Home.

We are a group of friends - Kian Ghazi, Kaveh Ghazi, Pete Kenny, Jen O'Neill, David Roth and Asha Allen Roth - who have been preparing to ascend one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak.

We're not going only for the adventure, however. We want to use this occasion to bring awareness to the great need of the children of East Africa, We are inviting our friends and family to share the trek by helping to support Amani Children's Home, not far from Kili.

Many children in Tanzania are orphaned and in dire need of care and protection. Amani Children's Home not only aims to provide children with their basic needs of food and shelter, but works for a sustainable solution by improving the educational opportunities, skills, and self-reliance. They are doing wonderful work. Please generously support them as an encouragement to us to ascend to the top of Africa.

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