Please consider making a donation to me as I run on behalf of Team uAspire.

Dear family and friends, The last time I ran the Boston Marathon was in 2007 and it kicked my butt. So, I guess I am up for some more of that. This year I am running the Boston Marathon for another incredible charity-uAspire. uAspire is a wonderful organization that helps students achieve the dream of going to college some day by helping families pay for some if not all of the cost of college. My day-to-day job at MEFA as the Marketing Director is very much aligned with this mission and I thought how much more powerful for me to join this team on this venture to raise money and awareness on the great work that they do and I do helping students and families achieve this dream. My goal for this charity, aside from getting to the finish line happy and relatively pain-free is to raise $6000. I have set up a fundraising page here where you are able to make a contribution of any value to me on behalf of team uAspire. On April 15th, thousands of people will be preparing for the journey from Hopkinton to Boston and one of those people will be me. There is not only great pride in the fact that I will be running the Boston Marathon but there is also humility. Humility because the task before me is large and it will test me in many ways. This learning is ultimately what I crave. What will I learn about myself? How will it go? How will I handle it? Can I get there? Who will I meet in passing? That's who I am; that's my challenge and my drive. Much like a student who has a desire to learn and achieve, that's what this is all about. Making a dream come true. So with that, consider giving whatever you can to my run for team uAspire. I feel confident that I will get to the finish line on April 15th and know that you will support me on this new journey ahead. With sincere thanks, penny

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