Holiday campaign to build new schools in Pak Pa and Nong Kiaw, Laos and a 200 girl dormitory for high school students in Champhet, Laos

Update 12/23/09: Thank you to all for helping my reach my original goal of $1000.00!!!!! Let's bump the goal to $1500!!!

Original Message: Being a part of building underdeveloped countries has truly helped me to realize the impact that young people, with some determination and energy, can have on this World. In addition to building schools, a big part of our mission is to help people, specifically young people, realize that their actions, donations, time and skills can truly help to inspire change in the World.

This Holiday season, I have set the goal for myself to raise $1000 to go towards building PoP schools. Please help me reach this goal. Thanks so much for your support, and Happy Holidays!

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