Your money will go directly toward our school building projects in SE Asia, Central America and Africa during 2010.

I first became involved with PoP in March 2009, and since then it has changed my life. I believe that global education is one of the most crucial causes to support because a basic education can fundamentally change the course of a young person's life. Did you know that if each of the 75 million children in the world who are currently without education had just a pre-school education more than 700,000 cases of HIV would be eliminated each year?

Being a part of building our schools in Laos, and now Nicaragua, has truly helped me to realize the impact that young people, with some determination and energy, can have on this World. In addition to building schools, a big part of our mission is to help people, specifically young people, realize that their actions, donations, time and skills can truly help to inspire change in the World.

This Holiday season, I have set the goal for myself to raise $2500 to go towards building PoP schools. Please help me reach this goal. Thanks so much for your support, and Happy Holidays!

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