Peace Winds America is working with our sister organization, Peace Winds Japan, to support tsunami survivors in northeast Japan.

Mission: To reduce the high human, economic and political costs of natural disasters in the Asia Pacific. We improve preparedness and response through capacity-building, collaboration and coordination to create a more integrated disaster response.

Peace Winds America (PWA), a disaster preparedness and response organization (501c3), focuses on reducing the devastating impact of natural disasters in the Asia Pacific. PWA brings together governments, militaries, NGOs, and the private sector to prepare for and respond to natural disasters, with the Japan – U.S. relationship as the cornerstone of humanitarian assistance in the Asia Pacific region. PWA programs build capacities, improve connectivity and coordination, and increase collaboration among the various disaster responders. Supported by an outstanding board of directors from the political, academic, military, NGO, and business communities in the U.S. and Japan, PWA is a catalyst that combines these elements into a well-coordinated team that is up to the challenges posed by the disaster-prone Pacific “Ring of Fire.”

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