Pathways provides parents with early childhood education and college preparation workshops so they can support their child's education

HF's Pathways to Academic Excellence provides parental engagement workshops on early childhood education and college preparation. These workshops enable parents to actively support and motivate their children to excel in these critical areas.

Early Childhood

The Early Childhood component of Pathways instructs parents/caregivers on learning activities and techniques that they can use at home to enhance their children’s literacy skills. Below are some of the ways that Pathways helps create a path to academic success for our families:

  • Assists parents/caregivers in enhancing their children’s literacy skills through language-building activities and exercises.
  • Increases knowledge throughout the community on the importance of early childhood literacy.
  • Formulates innovative ways for parents to work with their children and the school system to overcome social and academic challenges.
  • Provides resources that facilitate and promote reading and learning.
  • Markets and disseminates information so that parents are both aware of early childhood literacy methods and are motivated to use it.
  • Examines behavioral change in the family household through outcome evaluations.

College Prep

The College Prep portion of Pathways is designed to motivate parents to be involved in their children’s college prep process. Pathways helps create a path to academic success by specifically educating our parents on:

  • The advantages of a college education.
  • The significance of developing relationships with school counselors.
  • Helping youth prepare for college entrance exams.
  • The importance of advance placement and extracurricular activities and the critical nature of the junior year.
  • Completing the actual application process.
  • Different websites and opportunities to receive financial aid and scholarships.

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