Parrot Rescue Services is dedicated to providing rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary services for unwanted companion parrots.

I'll never forget the first bird I ever owned.

His name was Bobo and he was a green Budgie, surrendered to the local humane society because he bit. He also couldn't fly; one his wings had been permanently damaged by a child. I volunteered there, and had access to the animals that did not make it to the adoption floor. I spent a lot of time in the euthanasia room doing what I could to make those animals feel loved for their remaining time on earth. He was placed in the back of the shelter, and I feared he would be euthanized because of his history for biting. I lived in a one room apartment at the time and could not have a cat or dog. But he was an animal I could save. I brought him home and in a very short time he became one of the most loyal, loving pets I have ever owned. I loved him with all my heart.

That was the beginning for me, the beginning of a 20 year journey working with unwanted pet parrots. Captive bred parrots, without their consent, have been placed in the ‘pet’ category. Yet all too often, their innate behaviors as wild animals make them less than ideal pets. Today I run a nonprofit parrot rescue where the focus is on providing each individual bird with what they truly need.

We never euthanize a parrot with behavior issues. We work with them. We provide all our birds with the best diet and as much stimulation that we can. It is not an easy or inexpensive venture. At times a surrendered bird has health issues that require lengthy veterinary care. A donation in any amount is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your support!

Sabra Khan

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