I am running the Publix Georgia Half Marathon in March while raising money for the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.

I´ve been running for many years now, it has helped me in many different stages of my life, but now I´m honored to do it for a noble cause like childhood cancer research. The courage and strength kids with cancer show during their treatment are my biggest inspiration for this race.

This is the first time I sign up for a fundraise and I hope there will be more to come, there are many good causes to work for, but I think nothing can be as inspiring as knowing there are so many kids in the world battling for their life.

I will do my fundraise in Aidyn´s honor, who has been through at least 25 rounds of chemo, 25 radiation treatments, and over 30 surgeries in the past 2 years. He has also learned how to walk 7 times already and is currently trying to learn for the eighth time. Aidyn's cancer is so rare that there is no protocol after the initial tumor. His last surgery was a Sacrectomy, which means they took out the last 4 vertebrate in his lower back. He is past his 4th reoccurrence and has been chemo-free for almost a year. He might be a little boy but a perfect example of never giving up. Like Aidyn there are many more kids for whom we need to find better treatments and a cure for cancer, let´s all help the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research achieve it!!

I can´t wait to cross the finish line and I´ll give it all I have, but please help me reach my fundraising goal, this is an awesome program that has benefit many children. You can donate here online, or in the US by mailing a check into the Rally office. If you are mailing a check, make sure to let me know so that I can be on the lookout for it and also write "Publix Georgia-Paola" on their as well so it can be credited to my fundraising.

The Rally's address if you are mailing a check is:
5775 Glenridge Drive
Building B, Suite 370
Atlanta, GA 30328

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