Panza and Camp Quixote residents are a team!


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Panza and Camp Quixote residents are a team!

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The first camp... almost six years ago.

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It's the right thing to do...

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Home is where your heart is.

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Nowhere else to go when it snows.

With your help, Panza can provide the dignity and security of a permanent village of cottages for our adult homeless neighbors.

Quixote Village will be a place where we can gain back the self respect and dignity we lost when we lost everything. —Camp Quixote resident

While Camp Quixote has been an essential service to many in our community, we share a strong conviction that people should not have to live in tents, and that as a country and a community, we can do better. –Panza Board member

Camp Quixote is a self-governed tent camp for homeless adults in Olympia, Washington that has moved from one church parking lot to another every few months for the past five years. The Camp is supported by Panza, a non-profit organization that grew out of the many faith communities that have hosted the Camp, provided volunteers, and brought meals, clothing and blankets. Camp Quixote has transformed the way many of us think about homelessness. The hundreds of people who have volunteered at the Camp have learned that homelessness is not a category of people but a circumstance that people find themselves in.

The many friendships between volunteers and Camp residents have ended the isolation that so many people who are homeless experience, and helped them reconnect to the community and restore their hope for a better future.

The homeless people who founded Camp Quixote never intended it to be permanent; their goal was—and still is—to build a permanent Village consisting of 30 small cottages and a community building with showers, laundry facilities, a kitchen, and a living and meeting space. They want to be warm and dry, but more than that, they want to build a village that will preserve their sense of community, while providing privacy and dignity. They also want to grow their own vegetables, and to build a workshop.

We have a Village site. The local county and the City of Olympia have teamed up to make it possible for us to build the village on a 2.17 acre site near a community college and an industrial area. We have strong community support. So far, local citizens, local Native American Tribes and other private donors have given over $150,000 to the capital campaign for Quixote Village.

The major portion of the funding to build Quixote Village will come from grants from the state and federal government. But in order to receive those grants we need to raise an additional $300,000 to fully fund construction, to buy furniture and appliances for the cottages and community building, and to establish a reserve fund for Quixote Village operations.

So now we need your help. We hope you will make a gift to Panza and Quixote Village that fills you with the joy of sharing what you can with those who need it most. Large or small, your gift will help insure a positive future for some of the neediest among us. Thank you.

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With your help, Panza can provide the dignity and security of a permanent village of cottages for our adult homeless neighbors.

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