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Out of Hand is starting a new season developing new work for you! In order to accomplish this, we need to raise $30,000 by the end of the year and we want you to be a part of it!

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Mission Statement

Out of Hand Theater creates innovative new work. We choose the most interesting subjects, and then we partner with passionate experts to create compelling, intimate theatrical events, engaging communities around these subjects. We create interactive experiences that embrace new audiences, both inside theaters and in public spaces. Our approach not only makes for great theater, it also assists us in training artists and non-artists to use creativity and collaboration to communicate through the arts.


  • Out of Hand makes compelling new work - each time
  • We partner with world-class experts to make work that matters.
  • We make new work with and for communities about what matters to them.
  • We tour our work to bring intimate, interactive theater experiences that matter to new audiences.
  • Out of Hand creates razor-sharp, delight-filled experiences by involving the audience in a new way every time, causing moments of mass intimacy, and embracing those who are unreached by conventional theater.
  • We involve communities in our work through collaborations and interactive productions that blur the line between artist and audience.

2013-2014 Season

  • The Coke Series - Jul 3 - Sep 1, 2013

A series of free performances around the World of Coca-Cola.

  • Salome by Charles Mee - Oct 12 - Nov 16, 2013

Starring Maia Knispel, this one-woman show takes the biblical Salome into a modern world of sexual transgression and murder, incorporating texts taken from, or inspired by Catherine Millet, Gustave Flaubert, Camille Paglia, Annie Sprinkle, Colette, and other internet texts.

  • Group Intelligence - Sep 19, 2013 & Mar 22, 2014

A science and public art experiement in which participants self assemble like molecules, mimicking how life begins. Performing at Spelman College and the first Atlanta Science Festival.

  • Blackberry Winter - Spring 2014

Collaboration with playwright-in-residence Steve Yockey, the Center for Chemical Evolution, and Emory Alzheimer's Disease Research Center to develop a new play exploring Alzheimer's disease and the search for a cure in the mis-folding of proteins that cause the disease.

  • The Game - May 10, 2014

Out of Hand's Interactive Puzzlehunt!

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