We are working to grow a nationwide chain of love for military families through this virtual party: "Party. Support. Love!"


Operation Shower (www.operationshower.org) is about celebrating, honoring and showing love to military families!

Operation Shower is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and our mission is to provide joyful- AWESOME — baby showers for military families to ease the stress of deployment. We are working to create a giant chain of love across the country showing support for these families. We want the families to know they are not alone and that they deserve a celebration!

Operation Shower has hosted 40 large group baby showers and has reached over 1,700 military families!

In addition to large group showers, Operation Shower sends Showers in a Box to expectant military moms across the country.

“I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in surviving...that we forget to acknowledge that we're doing something that most families don't have to do. Thank you so much for such a wonderful day.” - Shower recipient

Party.Support.Love : Operation Shower loves a great party! We have joined with volunteers across the country to host "Party.Support.Love" fundraisers so we can continue to support and show love to military families.

In addition to the individual parties, our goal is to to raise an additional $5,000 in a virtual party here to show the chain of love is growing and there is support and love across the country for military families. If you cannot attend a fundraiser, please donate to the cause here.

All money donated will go toward honoring more deserving military moms….one AMAZING shower at a time.

Thank you!

Operation Shower and Team Party.Support.Love.

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