It only costs $15 to nourish a child with a full meal a day, and change their life forever.

Imagine a family living on the edge: they might need their children to work to pay for their own food. They worry over their children’s health and nutrition constantly. They hate having to tell their children that there will be no dinner at night. By becoming a One Meal sponsor, you are stepping into these problems. Often, you are keeping vulnerable children in their families and off the streets, or out of an orphanage.

A One Meal sponsor provides one nourishing meal a day, and often much more. At many of our feeding center locations, children also receive things like a daily 'Sunday School' class, assistance with clothing and shoes, school supplies, afternoon tutoring, access to computers, and other developmental needs. A One Meal sponsor is the basis for all of this.

It only costs $15 to feed a child a full meal a day, and change their life forever. Each sponsor’s monthly donation will support the total monthly cost of the feeding center until every child is covered.

One Meal sponsors are connected to everything that goes on in the feeding center. Upon signing up, you will receive a packet of information about your feeding center, with photos and a short history of the program. Throughout the year, we'll send updates about your feeding center, so that you're kept up-to-date on everything that occurs in the program.


To Sign Up -

1. Look to the right column of the page where it says 'Make a Donation' and click, or enter in the correct monthly amount. This should be in multiples of $15.

2. Be sure to 'Make this Donation' a 'Monthly' donation so that you're an ongoing sponsor.

3. On the following page, designate which feeding program you'd like to sponsor. Currently, the feeding programs available for sponsorship are: Bluefields, La Churea, Tipitapa, and Nueva Vida.

Email us at with any questions!

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