One Simple Wish empowers everyone to make simple wishes come true for foster kids all over the US!

Did you wake up in your own bed this morning? Or, at least, a familiar one?

Thousands of kids in foster care in the United States did not. And they may not for weeks, months or even years. Foster kids are just like any other kid with the same hopes, dreams and wishes as all of us but they struggle to find normalcy and support as they move from foster home to foster home and from case worker to case worker.

One Simple Wish was founded in 2008 by Danielle Gletow, a foster parent who wanted to give everyone a way to touch the lives of foster kids in a direct and meaningful way. At anyone can make a simple wish come true for a foster child in need.

These wishes aren't just stuff. They represent a real child's desire to have a sense of normalcy and hope in their lives. They may seem simple, but they mean a lot the kids who need to believe in some magic.

As of February 2012, One Simple Wish has granted more than 2500 wishes and partners with over 250 agencies in over 25 states!

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