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Raising funds to adopt a 14 year old Ethiopian orphan boy. Read how our retirement took an unexpected turn...

Retirement looked very different to my husband and I, who are 65 and 66, then what it looks like NOW. I'm currently retired and Harvey planned on retirement in a few years. We had thought about travel, time to spend with our nine grandchildren, volunteer work, etc. Then one very amazing 14 year old Ethiopian boy came into our lives and God had a different plan for our retirement. This boy stayed in our home for one month during the holidays and stole our hearts, and that of our whole family. He blended in like he was always meant to be with us. This boy has spent most of his life on the streets of Ethiopia. He has been living in an orphange for the past year. In spite of his hard life, he is a respectful, kind, and helpful young man. Even though he never had any formal education, until entering the orphanage, he is a bright young man with a hunger to learn and has aspirations of becoming a doctor. He has a smile that lights up a room. He told us how he prayed in the orphanage, "Please, please God, family in America". God found that family for him...OURS!! Please help us raise the large sum of money needed to adopt him and bring him home. We need to raise $23,000 more. Any amount would be helpful. With some fund raiser that occurred we now have that amount down to $15,000. Little from many makes a miracle happen!

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