Help outfit the new space with everything needed to make this theater a home to all the wonderful students and actors which make up Ohlook.

After several years of searching, Ohlook Performing Arts Center finally has a place to move, but we now need to make it a "home". You can help make your mark on Ohlook history and your donation will help students and actors for many years to come.

This year is the 10 year anniversary since professional singers, Jill Blalock Lord and Matthew Lord founded Ohlook. It has always been and will continue to be a place where everyone can be themselves. It isn't about competition or who's the best, but about opportunity and giving everyone a chance to express themselves in a positive, caring environment.

To make this happen it takes wonderful directors and instructors, but it also takes money. First and foremost we want our incredibly talented actors to be seen. Our number one priority is to raise funds for new, improved stage lighting. Followed closely is a light-up sign for the building with the new Ohlook logo, so patrons will know where to find our small, but big-at-heart theater.

Please consider digging deep in your pockets, wallets, purses, piggy-banks, mattresses...wherever you keep your spare change or your big bills. Any amount you give is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. It all makes a difference, just like all the people at Ohlook who make a difference!

All contributions at the $500 level and above will be recognized on a permanent plaque in the Ohlook lobby.

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