Our Children's Center is a Montessori pre-school and kindergarten dedicated to educating the whole child.

Today, OCC is appealing to you to maintain the quality of early childhood education in our community. Research shows that early childhood education is critical, and as you know, Montessori education uniquely equips children for a lifetime of learning.

Currently, OCC faces pressing immediate financial challenges which must be met to continue to preserve our quality Montessori programs for today and future children. In the current economic climate, we are finding that more substantial support from our community and alumni is essential to our sustainability and growth. Therefore, we are looking to you to make a donation to OCC today.

Our Children’s Center has been providing nurturing preschool education since opening its doors in 1975. The quality and long-standing dedication of our teachers sets OCC apart from other schools. Our Head-of-School, Miss Kassie, has been an educator at OCC for 21 years. Miss Leigh recently began her 18th year, and continues to enhance our classrooms us with her unique musical gifts. All of OCC’s teachers are highly trained with more than 50 years of combined Montessori experience. The staff's commitment allows us to meet our mission to educate children in a dynamic, warm, engaging, responsive, multi-cultural environment designed both to stimulate and nurture them.

Your donation will allow OCC to continue to maintain and build its outstanding community. In addition, to the daily Montessori activities, we want to continue providing wonderful community events that create life-time memories: annual art show, kindergarten quilts, the Mt. Nittany hike, end-of-year picnic and many other family-oriented gatherings.

We are calling on your generosity to contribute to the financial needs of OCC for our children today, tomorrow and the future. No amount is too small and every dollar goes to support Montessori education. Help us extend this fund drive to other families, alumni and friends. We hope to reach all OCC community members and supporters.

OCC is 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your contribution is tax-deductible.

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