Funds raised during Mustache May will be donated to benefit the Boys Club of New York. Every little bit helps...

To raise money for the Boys Club of New York while promoting handsomeness through mustache growth: this is the dual mandate of Mustache May. In its inaugural year, 2009, Mustache May participants at Stern raised over $8,000 for the Boys Club of New York. Last year, over 70 participants came together to raise more than $18,000.

With help from so many of you, I personally raised $525, grew a handsome mustache and walked away with "Rookie of the Year" honors (pictured above). This year I'm running the event and have set my personal goal at $1,000. Despite the pleas of my wife, friends, and family, I have not shaved in weeks with the hope of growing a "Best in Show" quality mustache. I ask for your support as I seek to raise money for a wonderful organization while at the same time exponentially increasing my level of handsomeness. Please join me in my quest by donating whatever money you can to help Monetize My Mustache for this worthy cause.


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