Kick it 2 the Max! is Oak-Land Junior High PTA's fiscal initiative to meet the challenge for a greater educational experience.

Thank you to everyone who supports us at Oak-Land Junior High! We are proud to be a part of such a giving and generous community and excited for the things our school can do with your contributions again this year!

MAX Wish List Total: $20,000 (details below)

  1. Update our media center collection: $8,000
  2. Update our auditorium (lighting, sound...) $5,000
  3. Purchase charging stations for student devices: $2,000
  4. Purchase 5 Apple Tvs and 5 iPads for interactive classroom mirroring: $3,000
  5. Add displays for student work in building: $2,000

You Can HELP! These funds will directly impact and engage your students at Oak-Land Junior High. Please donate, right here. And share a story about your child's experience as a student at Oak-Land by emailing us at! Thank you for being an integral part of our children's education!

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