NYSCF's mission is to accelerate cures for the major diseases of our time through stem cell research.

The New York Stem Cell Foundation is the best opportunity to assure that your investment in stem cell research will be directed where it is most urgently needed: toward cures for the devastating diseases that touch all of our lives.

NYSCF is unencumbered by the demands of an academic institution or a governmental body, and has created a model for improving institutional collaboration, linking researchers and resources based on the conviction that by working collaboratively, research can move most rapidly from lab bench to bedside. Because NYSCF specializes in the innovative techniques that advance all translational research in the field, a gift to NYSCF accelerates the work of a range of great health care and academic research institutions. And because NYSCF does not build buildings, a gift to NYSCF goes directly into scientific research, not bricks and mortar.

Gifts advance NYSCF’s key initiatives as follows: developing disease-specific stem lines in our state-of-the-art stem cell research facility, providing fellowships for young researchers and grants to innovative scientists, informing the scientific community and general public about the latest stem cell advances and policies, and providing a secure foundation to expand our research programs.

Since 2005, NYSCF has used private funds to support stem cell scientists around the world, educate the public, and advance the most cutting-edge stem cell research in the NYSCF Laboratory, all to bring us closer to the cures we need.

To learn more visit: www.nyscf.org

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