Nuevas Esperanzas works to support the poor of Nicaragua by helping to establish sustainable livelihoods to lift them out of poverty.

Nuevas Esperanzas works to support the poor of Nicaragua helping them to establish sustainable livelihoods which lift them out of poverty through holistic, transformational development. We identify the communities most in need of support or those who are particularly vulnerable, including those vulnerable to natural disasters, those who are displaced or dispossessed and the rural poor.

We offer technical assistance in agriculture, the environment, water and sanitation, health, housing and education and seek to build capacity and act as facilitators in the communities in which we work.

Nuevas Esperanzas supports and works together with organizations, government and non-government institutions and churches engaged in social action amongst the poor, promoting unity and cooperation between communities and denominations. Where appropriate, we incorporate into our programs activities based on our Christian values which address the spiritual needs of those with whom we work.

Nuevas Esperanzas also provides a training and consultancy service to other organizations engaged in developing sustainable livelihoods in poor communities.

Nuevas Esperanzas was founded in 2005, and is registered as a charity in the UK (2006), as an international non-governmental organization in Nicaragua (2006), and as a non-profit in the United States (2009). Our work is carried out by a team of professionals in Nicaragua.

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